Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets - Now Available on

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A few months back Cricut starting doing meet and greet tours around the country at local Michael's stores to help launch their new Infusible Ink product which officially debuted on June 21st in stores. I was lucky enough that they chose Chicago as their stop on the map for this particular soft launch and was actually able to attend this in person and drag my wonderful sister with me for the day. 

The event was a blast and the people who are lucky enough to work at Cricut full time were incredible. I purchased a few of the basics to try it out and since then I have been patiently waiting for the Infusible Ink product to hit I prefer to purchase my supplies directly through them, so that I can take advantage of my 10% Cricut Access discount.

During the launch Michael's was given the exclusive opportunity to carry and sell the product. Don't get me wrong, Michael's gets a significant amount of my money (every month) and I love shopping there, but waiting a short while for this release was okay with me.

Well, it's finally arrived and I'm so glad I waited because not only can I use my discount, but they have launched several new pattern options as well that you couldn't get before!

I'm so excited for these and there are far too many to post here in an article so follow the link and see them for yourself!

The whole new line up of Infusible Ink is here!

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