Thursday, August 22, 2019

FREE Fall Sign Mock Up

This post contains affiliate links where I will receive a small commission for purchases.

First I would like to say that if you are able to take and post photos of real life products vs. mock ups, I highly recommend that. I have found through personal experience with my Etsy shop that my listings with genuine photos sell a whole lot better than they did with just the mock up. 

However, mock ups are a great way to showcase things you can do without having to spend the money to create the item when you don't have any inquiries for a specific design. For example, the Fall Country bundle or Christmas Frame bundle are a fantastic tool to make your listings festive without spending an arm and a leg on seasonal props and showcase the variety of items you can make without producing a sample of every single thing. 

In this post though I'm featuring a free mock up of a fall wood sign. Earthy and natural home decor is on the rise right now according to Etsy's Holiday Trends guide and you can't get more natural than wood in my opinion.

Hanging signs like these can be purchased on Amazon for roughly $8.00 each and give you the chance to allow the buyer to choose their preferred stain as well since they come unfinished. Customers love to be able to personalize their items to fit their unique style so this is a great way to get a bump in the searches as well.

At a quick glance, fall signs around this size are going for at least $25.00 or more.

This sign from BearWoodTreasures is a single solid piece of wood with vinyl lettering and with a total of 2,275 sales since 2017 I'd have to say these have great potential.

This mock up will only be available free for a limited time, so follow the link to download it now.

Wood sign craft mock up Fall themed |High Resolution JPEG example

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