Friday, March 22, 2019

Inexpensive Dress Up Clothes - A Review

I'm a member of the Mom Bloggers Club and was asked by one of their administrators if I'd be interested in receiving some free dress up clothes for my little girl after seeing my post of her in the Toddler-Saurus shirt I recently made for her. Peanut is just shy of turning three and she's all girl. She loves her play kitchen, baby dolls, sparkles, and most recently, dress up. There have been plenty of days where I arrive to pick her up from daycare and she's decked out as Ariel. "I mermaid mommy!"

Normally, my blog is about crafting, but crafting requires imagination and that's something Peanut has no shortage of so I figured why not. I had no idea what the company was and I'm not receiving any commissions for this post. I was just gifted a surprise box of goodies and I must say we were both extremely pleased with them and had a blast just messing around.

The goodie box came from and contained the following items:

After looking at their site for this post, I just want to mention that you can order the ribbon wands and ribbon halos by the dozen, so they'd make a great party favor for room full of little screaming girls for sure.

There's a ton of other things on there that were not included in our surprise box, such as:

and more of course...

Overall, we just had a good time playing together with all the fun goodies in the box and I'm glad we were selected for this. So without further delay, my bragging moments begin...

I have no idea what this face is about, but she did it a lot.

Update: Peanut played with the boa to death.
It shed a LOT which she enjoyed because she was blowing pink feathers around like they were bubbles. 
I on the other hand was not nearly as amused with this because the dogs wanted to eat them.

Yep, mom got in on the action too.


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