Saturday, February 23, 2019

New Color Fill In Cartridge from Cricut Design Space!

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It was Valentines last week, so what was I up doing until 11:30pm the night before? Making Valentines for my daughter's class of course!

My mom posted to the photo I shared: "All the other mom's just bought Paw Patrol."

Um, Paw Patrol? I have a Cricut...

Now this, this is how we creative/borderline obsessive crafters do Valentines.

The color cards were a HUGE hit, because yes, they were not just Paw Patrol and they did not include more sugar (seriously, I'm a bad mom though, I let my toddler eat all 5 suckers when we got home) for a room full of kids who were already amped-up on cupcake frosting as their morning snack. 

My favorite though was how the simple teacher cards turned out. 


1. I just used standard white cardstock
Nothing fancy, since the kids were going to just scribble on them anyway.

I started out with the color cards which I found by searching Valentines Cards in the projects. The teacher cards however, I designed myself.

Here is what I used on this project; simple right?


I will mention that the DJ Flirt is a paid font, but worth every penny. I have used it so many times because I love the heart accents. If you subscribe to Cricut Access you get 10% off the purchase.

I used the square flourish note card and just sized a smaller one in the middle and used two different colors to make sure that they cut in different layers. Then I just used a text box to type in what I wanted it to say in the DJ Flirt font.

I shared this project with the Design Space Facebook group that I'm a part of and the number one question I got was where did I find the kiss, so I'm sharing it here as well. 

First, you have to be in your design canvas. In your canvas you are going to select Images from the left-hand side. 

Next you'll click the link to change your view to Cartridges and search for filled.

There are now two Filled cartridges that will color in with the pens. One for everyday images and one for Christmas. The Christmas one, by the way, was not there when I did these last week so I hope that means there are a lot more to come!


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