Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Free Zentangle Dragon SVG

Ever since the Enchanted Materials kit came out at Joann Fabrics my news feed has been filled with these amazing Zentangle projects. However I find dragons a lot more enchanted than the elephants and sewing machines I've been seeing. 

Someone in my group gave me the brilliant idea to find a coloring page and just convert it to an SVG. It worked out beautifully! 

It took me a few hours to weed the image, but Cricut BrightPad is amazing and helps reduce the strain on my eyes for these projects. 

You can find the coloring page on my Cricut Cut Images board and use this link to convert the file to SVG yourself.

Or.... Here is the link to download the SVG file I've already created.

Another great option is to purchase one of the many available adult coloring books that are everywhere these days. You can simply scan in any page that you like and use the link to convert the file to SVG as well.

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