Friday, January 19, 2018

Free Alternative to Photoshop

I'm relatively new to the world of Cricut crafting, but certainly not to design or creative projects. It's always nice to have a .png file option when tinkering around with stuff, but it is essential with the Cricut machine. 

Google used to yeld a ton of results that you could easily just download and use. Since I've gotten the Cricut, I find that it's become a full blown industry to create images with a transparent background that you can use as a cut file. Chances are though, if you can navigate Design Space, then you can navigate a photo editing program as well to create these files yourself. 

After doing a little bit of testing (and with the help from my teenage daughter) I finally settled on Krita. It looks almost identical to Adobe Photoshop but doesn't come with the $20 per month price tag. 

I must warn you that it does not currently have an .svg option in this version. They do plan to include it in the next update release from what I'm reading. Until then I did find an online file converter that will take any .png image you have and turn it into an .svg which you can find by clicking here.

Open that JPEG file that you'd like to edit.

Select the magic wand tool on the left-hand side.
I know it's difficult to see in this screen shot, but you'll notice a small blue highlight over the selected tool. 

Click on the white portion behind the silhouette and hit delete on your keyboard.
Then just "save as" and select PNG from the drop down box.

From there all you should have to do is upload your new file into Design Space. Happy cutting all!

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