Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Big Sister Survival Kit - Pregnancy Announcement Idea

When my husband and I got together he already had two daughters and I had one. After roughly four years we decided that we wanted to give it another go and expand our family. 

Since our girls were much older, we wanted to make sure that we made our announcement more fun, because we didn't want to just tell them "We need to talk" because we felt that it would come off like they're in trouble. 

Pinterest has a million different ideas on how to tell your toddler, kindergartner, overall elementary school aged child about the new baby, but was severely lacking on ways to break the news to your older self sufficient children that there's going to be a new member of the family coming along. 

So, I ended up making my own way instead... 

The Big Sister Survival Kit

Fun Way to Tell Your Older Children You're Pregnant

What We Included

1. Personalized big sister t-shirt. I used PowerPoint to make the design at the time and then printed it on Jolee's Boutique Easy Image Iron-on Transfer Paper for Colored Fabrics. I highly recommend using Cricut Design Space and printable vinyl if you're able. It took me 3 days to create them.

2. A no trespassing sign that we picked up from Home Depot. 

3. A padlock, which we also picked up at Home Depot.

4. Earplugs.

5. Duck Tape. It comes in all different designs now, which we thought would be more fun than traditional duct tape. 

6. A small stuffy from TY. 

7. Baby stuff - bottle, teething ring, cloth diapers, and hand sanitizing wipes - so that they understood what the kit was really about.

I don't think anything other than the duct tape really got much use, but at least they were cute. 


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